Teeth Whitening Treatments

Tooth whitening is a very successful and effective way to lighten the originalcolor of teeth without removal of any tooth surface. It is the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it will greatly improve the color of teeth. It is not one-time procedure. It needs to be repeated from time to time to maintain the color. Tooth whitening won’t make totalcolor change of the tooth, but it may lighten the already existing shade.

Laser teeth whitening

There are many reasons to get your teeth whitened. Everyone is different and how our skin and hair will vary color, so do our teeth. Very few people have brilliant-white color teeth naturally, but in some people teeth will become more discolored as they get older.

There are different reasons that our teeth stained on the surface like by having food and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, smoking is also a major cause of teeth staining. ‘Calculus' or tartar may also affect the color of teeth. Some people have stains under the surface of teeth, which arecaused by some antibiotics or by minute cracks in the teeth which takes up stains.

Tooth whitening is not a one-time procedure. If you wants to maintain brighter colour it needs to be repeated from time to time. Initially dentist will take your teeth impression to create a mouth guard and will instruct how to use mouth gaurd with a bleaching gel.

Another type is there for teeth whitening, that a dentist can provide that is called laser whitening, also called as power whitening. In this a bleaching product is painted onto your teeth and then a light or laser is shine on them to stimulate the whitening. The whole procedure of laser whitening takes about an hour.