Teeth Aligners

Invisalign is a modern system that straightens the teeth with the help of custom made aligners that are made up of a medical- grade polymer that is clear, thin, comfortable and invisible, virtual plastic that can wear over your teeth. The main advantage of this invisalign is they can remove easily you can brush, floss normally and ear. Wearing the aligners will move your teeth little by little gradually to shift the teeth into place, based on exact movements dentist plans out for you. Invisalign is more comfortable, less pain way to correct or move your teeth compared to the traditional orthodontics. Without brackets and wires invisalign employs good gradual movement.


The best feature of the Invisalign process is the usage of advanced 3D computer technology. Invisalign mixture of the proven orthodontic science with the 3D computer graphics to project the teeth movement. Each one of the aligners is precisely calibrated and manufactured to fit correctly over your teeth and gently move them through every stage of the treatment procedure. Both patient and dentist can see or view the treatment plan on the computer, from starting to end, even before you begin treatment.

  1. With Less Treatment Time Invisalign Gives Best Results: Invisalign aligners were carefully calibrated that only move only the teeth you want to move. This precise, targeted correction means more efficient movement, which will result in less time of overall treatment. According to recent research study, in most cases orthodontic treatment is generally faster with Invisalign as compared with traditional orthodontics. On average, treatment time with Invisalign takes about six months to a year for the adults, and about a year for the teens, depending on the complexity of the case.
  2. No wire tightening means fewer dental appointments: in conventional braces wires usually need to tighten for every four weeks, but in the Invisalign treatment it is mapped out from the start, that doctors can give you several aligners at each appointment. This means for many Invisalign patients, appointments can be take only once in every eight to ten weeks, instead of every four weeks.
  3. Easy to keep teeth healthy and clean: invisalign aligners can be removed when you are eating, floss and brushing, there wont be any wires to trap plaque and food and wont be any obstacles while brushing and flossing.