Cosmetic Dentistry India
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Cosmetic Dentistry India


If you are suffering from oral health problems that are affecting most of your teeth, then you definitely are in need of a full mouth reconstruction. Patients afflicted with autoimmune diseases and or may require special considerations are good candidates for a full mouth reconstruction.

A full mouth reconstruction procedure requires a comprehensive set of treatments that are designed to correct a specific problem or a collection of oral health problems using an amalgam of general, cosmetic and laser dentistry . The treatment usually comprises of specialized teeth cleaning program, laser crown lengthening, TMJ therapy, gum recontouring with laser, refurbishing tooth structures

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Bangalore

for further treatment, placing permanent restorations, bite correction, alignment of teeth, bone graft or soft tissue grafting, and temporary restorations.

Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre and its team of dental surgeons have handled several complex full-mouth rehabilitation patients. The clinic recently experienced a rare case of amelogenesis imperfecta in a 24-years-old male patient. Dr. P.S. Lakshmi formulated an ingenuous treatment plan for this rare abnormality containing pitted, grooved, small and discoloured teeth.

Dental Reconstruction India

There are a myriad of options available at the Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre. The clinic is well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure encompassing some of the best and latest laser devices that are used to perform painless dental treatments with precision.Dr. P.S. Lakshmi is a high-profile dental surgeon, SPECIALISED TRAINING in the field from Boston University having extensive experience in performing successful full mouth reconstruction.

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