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Living with missing teeth is not a nice experience. With gradual scientific and technological evolution and research that led to a greater understanding of the dental clinical practice, dental implants are today, considered as, one of the latest treatment methodologies available to replace missing teeth. An artificial tooth root in the form of a dental implant is placed in the jaw to hold the replacement tooth. They are secured to the jaw bone to ensure stability and simultaneous invisibility. Implants provide essential support to the artificial tooth because they fuse with the jawbone. Thus bridges or dentures mounted on to the implants do not shift. Individual crowns are then placed over the implant for a more natural look.

Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Center is the brainchild of Dr. P.S. Lakshmi an advanced cosmetic dentist pioneering in cosmetic dental implants. She has handled several dental issues during her tenure and has successfully promoted beautiful smiles and satisfaction to all her patients. The Dental Center is formulated with an aim to provide affordable, high-quality treatments to patients who come to seek aesthetic rectifications. True to their vision, the facility is well-equipped with the latest technological advancements used in the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems.

Titanium alloys are popular metals used in dental and bone implants. Dental implants though have a higher success rate than any other bone implant.
At the facility titanium posts that are light weight and biocompatible are used. These prostheses are seldom rejected by the body. Surgeons at Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Center perform two types of dental implants through the process of osseointegration. Endosteal implants include the surgical placement of implants into the jaw bone with the help of screws and cylinders with each of the implant holding one prosthetic tooth. Subperiosteal implants are placed on top of the jaw bone with metal posts protruding through the gums.
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