Is it possible to have skype or phone consultation? How much does it cost? How to pay?

yes we can have phone consultation / skype. you can call our mobile 91 9880219738

What is the warranty for the implant?

Life time warranty

What is the implantation success rate?

99.9% success, If the bone is favourable.

How many visits in the clinic I need to carry out (min / max)?

2 visits

What is the cost of medical consultation?

300 INR

Is any possibility to do it during one stay? Is it possible one stage treatment?

If the Bone condition is good and we get enough Torque and primary Stability during Impalant placement One visit is enough, If not better to do 2 stage implant

How many times I need to stay (in days) during the first stage?.

If you need temporary dentures we need 12 days, if not 3 days is enough for first stage.

How long I need to wait for my crown (healing time)?

3 to 6 months

How many times I need to stay (in days) during the second stage?

If it is full mouth reconstruction we need 12 days, if not 1week. Depends on the complexity of prosthetic work.

Do I need to pay extra for:

  • All visits during treatment?


  • Dental check-up / Surgical Evaluation


  • Digital panoramic X-ray

    yes 10 USD

  • 3D Cone Beam Imaging

    yes 30 USD

  • Local anesthetic


  • General anesthesia

    Yes for very few cases.

  • Post treatment check-up


  • Annual check-up (including examination)

    5 USD / 300 INR

  • Annual check-up (including digital X-ray)

  • digital IOPA xray

    10 USD / 600 INR

  • Healing ring


  • Temporary crown


  • Bone augmentation

    yes, 80 USD / cc of bone graft used

  • Extraction 

    20 USD / teeth or 1600 INR 

  • Dental impressions


What’s are the terms of payment?

cash / cc ( card 3 % extra)

Which company implant system do you use in your practice?

we use different type like nobel biocare, alphabiocare and GENEX which ever implant suits your bone condition and cost we will select the implant .

Which material do you use for connectors?


Which material do you use for dental crowns? What is the warranty for dental crowns?

PFM crowns 5 years and zirconia 10 years

how many years do you operate on the market? How many implants do you perform every year? How many experienced doctors you hire?

since 15 years, we do 100 implants average per month, that comes  to 1200 implants / year. we have a team of 5 to 6 doctors who are experts in this field

Others questions:

  • Is any hotel near your clinic? How far? Do you offer hotel discounts?

    yes we do have tie ups with the best hotels in bangalore. All our foreign patients we help them in booking hotel.

  • How far is your clinic located from the airport?

    30 miles

  • Do you offer airport pickup?

    yes we do .

  • Do you offer clinic pickup (from hotel to the clinic)?

    yes we do 

  • Do I need a dental check-up / Surgical Evaluation before I come to your clinic?

    not required 

  • Do I need initial consultation? Can I start with treatment without consultation?

    yes you can start treatment.

  • Do I need digital panoramic X-ray?

    its always good to send us a digital OPG xray digital images of your teeth, which gives us an idea of your dental condition

  • Do I need other diagnostics? Like 3D cone beam imaging. Do you offer that? What it is?

    If OPG xray is not giving us a clear pic, then we may need CBCT.