Enhance your Smile by Peridontal Plastic Surgery

A beautiful and bright smile makes wonders in an individual confidence level. Periodontal plastic surgery supports to improve an individual complete periodontal health and provides an aesthetic look to the gums and teeth. Periodontal plastic surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery which is performed on the gums to enhance smile of a person and whole periodontal health. Periodontal plastic surgery can help in treating different type of gum related problems. It is used to reduce an uneven gum line or a sticky smile. It can also treat long teeth, indentations in the jawbone and gums and exposed roots.

peridontal plastic surgey

Many types of periodontal plastic surgical methods are available in the market to strengthen weak, thin gum tissue and enhance the cosmetic looking of the soft tissues. These surgical methods helps in maintaining teeth, improving the esthetics of the smile and treat sensitivity. Periodontal plastic surgery is excellent for grafting soft tissues and crown lengthening. Periodontal plastic surgery can of many types.

  • Gum graft surgery
  • Ridge augmentation
  • Crown lengthening

In the process, the dentist will eradicate excess bone tissue and gum and reshape the person’s smile. Periodontal plastic surgery process is quite simple and hardly takes an hour to perform. The dentist will make some tiny incisions into the gum tissue to discrete the gums from the teeth. The recovery period for the surgery only takes a week or so.

Periodontal plastic surgery is good for the people struggling with the low confidence due to their gums and teeth. It can help to improve the whole look of the smile and face too. Sometimes, it is suggested to treat and prevent mouth with any type of gum diseases. It is recommended to consult with a dentist to know right surgery option.

Dr. P.S. Lakshmi in Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Center is a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist in Bangalore Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Center provides all the specialized gum treatment facilities with modern equipments.

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Teeth Whitening- start smiling

Dental whitening treatment is one of the advancements in the cosmetic dentistry that helps people to look good and also increase their confidence level. Dental whitening treatment techniques are very quickly developed and got popular among the people as it provides a presentable and bright smile to the person. A sparking white tooth support people to improve their personality, gives a confident impression on others and look healthier.

Whitening is a process that helps people to whiten their teeth beyond their natural color by using certain materials. These materials have particular active ingredients such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Dental whitening is effective when teeth are lost their natural permanent color or discolored. The technique developed tooth crown by two mineralized layers. The first white layer is enamel which is highly mineralized and porcelain like external layer. Dentin is second yellow layer, which is less mineralized auxiliary layer. Over the time, in the outer layer enamel breaks down and develops several small fractures. Sooner, these small fractures develop debris, pigmentation, strains, and showing the yellow dentin auxiliary layer. The staining process is effected by

  • Certain food products such as red wine, coffee, tea
  • Habits such as smoking, certain medicines, teeth grinding
  • genetically

Dental whitening process eliminates existing strains and provides sparking whitening teeth. It is recommended to avoid coffee, smoking, and pigmented food after whitening the teeth as it leads to teeth discoloration. A proper diet is essential to get maximum positive results which take 8-24 months to notice. A dentist makes a proper dental care plan to avoid the risk of certain food and drinks and to provide sparking and healthy teeth for a longer time. .

Ultimate cosmetic dental center provides best dental treatment facilities in Bangalore. The clinic is one of the best clinics in Bangalore and provides all the cosmetic dentistry treatment facilities under the one roof. The clinic also provides its dental treatment facilities in Goa too.

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Teeth Whitening for Beautiful Smile

Many people suffer from dental discoloration, even those who brush and floss everyday also suffers from dental discoloration. The dental discoloration degrees varies depending up on the foods, drinks, medication, habits and lifetime, also there is a genetic component which affect the color of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening for Beautiful Smile

The tooth is made up of two mineralized layers, the Enamel and the Dentin. The enamel is a white heavily mineralized outer layer of the teeth and the Dentin is the yellowish calcified tissue, which supports the enamel. There are two types of tooth discoloration, Extrinsic and Intrinsic. The Extrinsic staining caused by substances that come in contact with the tooth and the Intrinsic discoloration happens with aging as the underlying dentin becomes more yellow over time. Fortunately, Dental Bleaching is one of the least expensive and effective cosmetic remedy to eliminate stains and lighten the teeth. Bleaching procedure changes the natural tooth color from five to seven shades brighter. Bleaching products contain an active ingredient called carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, the peroxides are activated to release oxygen molecules. These oxygen molecules enter the enamel micro-fractures to break down stain pigmentation. This release of oxygen occur over time.

In Laser whitening oxygen is released rapidly within a few minutes. This is accomplished by a high intensity light source. During the treatment the dentist opens the micro-fractures and natural enamel pores, which causes a temporary tooth sensitivity to cold. These pores and micro-fractures will re-mineralize over time.

Even though Dental Bleaching can be done at home, its best to have a dental bleaching by dentist. A dentist can help you to choose the most effective bleaching method for your particular situation and also the dental bleaching done by dentist can get teeth brighter faster.

Dr.P.S.Lakshmi, the well known and experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Bangalore offers the latest and advanced Dental treatments and Dental Bleaching procedure at Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre.Here sophisticated technologies and advanced treatment procedures are used to achieve optimum results.

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Dedicated To Create Beautiful Smiles

Smile is a factor that defines how beautiful an individual appears. People are ready to spend lots to look beautiful. Medical fields like cosmetic dentistry, an innovated part of conventional dentistry, has become immensely popular and gained significance. Smile makeover in Bangalore is done effectively at Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre.


What is a smile makeover ?

Smile makeover deals with the re aligning of the teeth and the gum of an individual. This will change the smile of a person and, thereby, make him or her appear more beautiful. Improvement in the aesthetics of the smile is the target of a smile makeover procedure. Smile makeover deals with the arrangement and appearance of the gums and the teeth as the exposure of the gum and the teeth in the best possible way to increases the beauty of smile.

How is a smile makeover done ?

A smile makeover procedure requires very precise dentistry and the use of complicated dentistry tools. The problems addressed by a smile makeover procedure include uneven arrangement of teeth or the poor alignment and spacing of the teeth. Conventional dentistry methods are employed to deal with these issues. Irregular shapes and sizes of teeth are also commonly reported issues. Using orthodontic caps and scratching of portions of teeth are often suggested as remedial measures. The colour of the teeth and missing teeth can also be taken care of in a smile makeover. Teeth whitening procedure is followed to solve the latter while artificially inserting a tooth is preferred for the second one. Correcting the smile line takes care of matching of the curve of the lip and the line of teeth.

Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre is a clinic that deals with such issues with pretty ease and is amply supported by a group of persons of great experience. Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre is a one stop solution for all your cosmetic dentistry needs.

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Clearpath Braces : Creates Beautiful Smiles

Clearpath Braces are transparent/invisible. These are a cosmetic & hygienic alternative to the conventional metal braces. Many adults spend their entire lives
covering their mouths when they laugh, smile or talk. Clearpath Braces treatment are orthodontic devices that uses incremental transparent braces to adjust teeth as an alternative to dental braces.


Benefits of ClearPath Braces:

  • Removable Invisible
  • No effect on oral Hygiene,
  • Very comfortable & convenient
  • Very few visits requiredNo change eating habits and lifestyle
  • Results can be visualized
  • No change eating habits and lifestyle,Results can be visualized
  • Results can be visualized before the treatment starts.

Treatment Procedure:-

  • First of all routine orthodontic pre-treatment examination eg: x-rays,photographs
    then the doctor will take impressions of your teeth and send them along with the prescription.
  • Technicians will create a virtual setup software model of your prescribed treatment.
  • Approval of the virtual treatment plan by your doctor, ClearPath will produce and dispatch a series of customized aligners to your doctor.

Clearpath Braces Treatment In Bangalore & Goa :-

If you are searching any Dental Center for Clearpath braces You should go to Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Center i.e. in Goa & Bangalore. This Hospital assembled with the best experienced Doctors for all your specific needs and to craft a beautiful smile on your face because they take care of your smile. The Dental Specialists are expert in their profession.They provide you a good environment with all Aone facilities. The whole team is friendly, gentle, globally trained certified & the most important thing is that They will give you a good treatment.

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Teeth Whitening in Bangalore

Even the pearls are dark before the whiteness of the teeth. This quote directly annotates that we shall maintain our teeth white. Though dentistry helps to cure various dental problems, one of the most important practices of the dentist is teeth whitening. A good smile with white teeth always fascinates others and teeth are important for sayings. Dull and stained teeth are the effective factors on reducing our self-esteem. Teeth whitening become a paradigm at present days. Though home remedies, teeth whitening toothpaste are available, still the results do not satisfy the users. Eventually consulting and getting treatment for teeth whitening fulfills their expectations.

Perfect Smile Super Speciality Dental & Implant Center Bangalore, Karnataka was established by Dr. P.S. Lakshmi, the founder of this dental centre in 2002 and our esteemed doctor has more than two decades of experience in dentistry. Our aim is to make the people with a beautiful smile at an affordable cost. Her own digital library for complex cosmetic dental solutions in this hospital caters solutions to any kind of cosmetic dental problem. All the dentists from various dental specializations treat the patients under one roof.


Tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure since it improves the teeth color. This procedure lightens the teeth original color without removing the tooth surface.

Our teeth are stained due to drinking tea, coffee, Chocolates, smoking and chewing beetle nut and tobacco. Out of which tobacco chewing and smoking lead to mouth and lung cancer which are life-threatening. Minute cracks and intake of some antibiotics make the stains under the teeth.

Teeth whitening will not be done at one time sitting. Repeated teeth whitening can keep up the teeth bright. The Dentist, first of all, takes your teeth impression for creating mouth guard. Then you will be taught by using the mouth guard with a bleaching gel.

Laser whitening or power whitening is another type of teeth whitening. A bleaching product is painted on the teeth, and then light or laser is made to shine on the teeth to stimulate whitening. This laser teeth whitening procedure takes more than an hours time.

The above said laser whitening procedures are successfully performed by eminent medicos. Do you want to make your smile bright? Come to us, take treatment and go back with a brilliant smile.


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Get Your Beauty With A Smile Makeover

Overstating the importance of your smile is not possible. Smile is the first and foremost thing that a person will notice in you and thereby has the power to attract others. Smile makeover deal with improving the appearance of your face by enhancing the beauty of your smile.


Smile makeover can be defined as the process of making use of one or more cosmetic dentistry in order to correct or makeover your natural smile by considering your skin tone, facial appearance, hair colour gum tissue, lips and also teeth considering its various factors like, size, shape, width and colour.

How can you get a smile makeover?

When you approach your dentist for a smile makeover, he will review about what you dislike about your smile and accordingly the treatment is carried out. Our various techniques of Smile Designing in Bangalore are;

Teeth whitening : Your dull colored teeth will make you disappointed many times. Our Teeth Whitening in Bangalore will help you get whiter and brighter teeth, providing better smile.

Alignment and Spacing : Many do have a problem with misalignment or uneven spaces between the teeth which might even make difficulty in cleaning them. This treatment will help to align as well as adjust the unwanted spaces between the teeth using dental braces.

Missing teeth : Missing teeth can generate an uneven appearance of your mouth and can even cause tooth decay. This needs to be treated using bridges and dental implants.

Harmony and Balance : Sometimes cracked or chipped teeth are cosmetically bonded and gummy smile is also re-contoured with the treatment, improving the overall smile.

Reshaping and Gum : The appearance of greater proportion of your gums while you smile is termed as gummy smile. This can be corrected by reshaping and gum lifting techniques.

Fuller Lips, Smile, and Cheeks : An enhancement of your lips and cheeks with your teeth can give your a beautiful and attractive change in your smile. Rejuvenation and oral maxillofacial surgery are such treatments.

Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Center, the supreme Dental Clinic in Bangalore offers you the best Smile Makeover in Bangalore. Our Dental Specialist in Bangalore, provides you the high quality yet affordable dental treatment, to promote healthy and beautiful smile and teeth with high sterilization standards, honest and transparent processes and pricing to our patients.

If you are in the need of a smile design, then


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Full Mouth Dental Implants in Bangalore

Despite of the improvements in the field of dental care, many of us suffer from the problems like tooth decay, gum disease and sometimes injuries. The only method prevailing a little before was using dental bridges and dental crowns. But now the time has changed, the technique has developed, and now dental implants are possible. Many people now make use of full mouth dental implants.


Full mouth dental implants can be defined as the replacing all of your natural teeth by its roots with the artificial ones. These are adopted by the ones who suffer from the problems like missing of their natural teeth or severe tooth decay. These implants being secured in the jaws, they are invisible once they are placed inside your mouth. The dental implants has totally changed the face of dentistry.

What are the types of full mouth dental implant?

Depending upon the requirement of the patients, the full mouth dental; implants are of various types like;

All on 4 implants : All on 4 dental implants technique uses 4 titanium dental implants which anchors your upper and lower jaws. This provides a strong foundation of the prosthetic teeth, which is only added after the completion of all the other procedures of this implant.

All on 6 implants : All on 6 dental implant technique make use of 6 titanium dental implants. This method is done to create a more comfortable dental implants in your mouth. This implants facilitates the function exactly as that of your permanent ones.

Basal implants : The term basal dental implants refers to the usage of basal bone areas. The basal bones provide an excellent quality of cortical bone which helps in the retention of these unique and advanced implants.

What are the advantages of full mouth dental implants?

The full mouth dental implants are highly prefered by the patients because of its advantages like;

  • Better appearance
  • Better speech
  • Comfortable
  • Eating and drinking activities are easier
  • Better self-esteem
  • Good oral health
  • No clicking noises
  • HIghly durable
  • Very convenient
  • Natural looking smile

How successful is full mouth dental implants?

The success and durability rates of these full mouth dental implants are highly dependable in the factor to where in the jaws the implants are placed to. But the studies prove that the success rates of full mouth dental implants are almost about 98%. These implants can be maintained good in lifetime with proper care.


Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Centre, the best dental clinic in Bangalore, provides you the most effective, less pain and quick recovery full mouth dental implants in Bangalore at affordable rates. We aim to give a world class cosmetic dental implants in India, to fulfill our clients requirement with their complete satisfaction.

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Cosmetic Dental Treatments Bangalore

A cosmetic dental treatment includes techniques that can restore or improve the appearance of your teeth. Such as it will allow restoring of teeth, improvement imperfections such as dark teeth, unleveled teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, worn down or broken teeth and missing teeth.

The techniques or treatments that are used to restore and improve the appearance of teeth is known as cosmetic dental treatments. These treatments permit restoration of teeth, improvement of imperfections like unleveled teeth, dark teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth, broken teeth and missing teeth.

cosmetic dental treatments

The common cosmetic dental treatments include,

  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Tooth whitening
  • Tooth colored fillings

Dental Veneers :

Dental veneers are nothing, but a special dental strategy to improve the appearence and color of the teeth. This will subsiquently improve the shape of teeth and will improve the broken teeth. Basically, Dental Veneer composed from a slim ceramic / porcelin layer to suit over the facing surface of the tooth at the front. if veneers are fitted over the surface of the tooth, it endures for a long term just like the traditional teeth.

Dental Crowns and Bridges :

Crowns are mainly used to enhance and beautify your smile. Crowns can replace the outside portion of the tooth to make a natural look and appearance. Thus can reestablish the original function of teeth. Crowns are better choice whenever there is tooth decay, destroyed or broken tooth or in cases of severe or an excessive amount of enamel erosion. There are some individuals who clench and grind their teeth creating damage to the initial structure of teeth, here also crowns are better option. The main advantage of crowns is that they’ll not only do the function of natural tooth, but also will look like original tooth.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Bridges are typically used when there are more than one missing teeth. It is used to cover the space left by the missing teeth, because there is a chance for the movement of the other teeth to the space of the missing teeth causing bad bite. Bridges are cemented to the natural teeth or implants that surrounds the empty space.

Tooth Whitening :

Tooth whitening is a very effective way to lighten the color of your original tooth without the removal or replacement of the natural tooth. It is the most common and easiest cosmetic dental procedure that can be performed in one dental visit itself.

Tooth Whitening in Bangalore

Tooth Colored Fillings :

Tooth colored fillings which is also known as dental fillings are mainly used to restore the natural appearence of the tooth. By using this procedure the decayed or the fractured tooth can be restored by altering their damaged shape, color and restoring the previous beauty of the teeth.

Ultimate Cosmetic Dental Clinic consists of best Cosmetic Dentists for handling Cosmetic Dental Treatmentsin Bangalore.

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